SC to SC Single Mode Fiber Patch Cord

This fiber patch cable is SC to SC connector and ready for deployment in any single-mode 9/125 network. Single-mode 9/125 are best used for long cable runs. This singlemode fiber cable is comprised of optical fiber with ceramic connectors.

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SC to SC Single Mode Fiber Patch Cord
•  Low insertion loss and back reflection loss
•  Good repeatability
•  Good exchangeability
•  Interpolation performance is good
•  High temperature stability
•  Immune to Electrical Interference
•  100% Optically Inspected and Tested for Insertion Loss
•  Optical LAN
•  Optical fiber communication systems
•  Fiber CATV
•  Fiber Network Deployments
•  Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet
•  Other Data Applications Requiring High Transfer Rates