Integrated wiring knowledge: the difference between LSZH and PVC

2021-07-22 16:08 admin
First of all, what are LSZH and PVC?
LSZH (Low smoke zero halogen) is a low-smoke and halogen-free material, which means that it has no halogen (F, Cl, Br, I, At), no lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and other environmental substances, and it will not emit toxic smoke when burned (such as :Hydrogen halide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc.) characteristics.
PVC (polyvinyl chloride), also known as polyvinyl chloride, is a "self-extinguishing" and "flammable" substance.
The difference between LSZH and PVC:
LSZH is a low-smoke, halogen-free material, environmentally friendly, and has good flame retardant properties, but its mechanical properties are poor and the price is more expensive. PVC contains halogen (chlorine), which will produce harmful gas when burned, so it is not suitable for indoor use. But its mechanical properties are better, and it is still used in some less demanding occasions, and the price is cheaper.
Then, let us discuss when to use one of them.
In modern installations, any of them can and are equally effective, so as a cable expert, it is your responsibility to understand your situation and which situation will be the best solution for this job.
LSZH has low smoke and flame retardancy, but it is expensive, but if your equipment may be exposed to high temperatures, or they may cause a fire and cause other losses, then LSZH is suitable. It actually refers to confined spaces, such as ships, airplanes, cars, elevators, submarines, hospitals, etc. In these places, fast communication is the key, but more importantly, safety is the key, so you need to plan ahead when designing the network.
It is also important that due to European safety regulations, only LSZH cable jackets are accepted in the European Union. In the United States, both types of cables are accepted.
On the other hand, when you install cables in a well-ventilated environment, you can use PVC. In this environment you know or are most sure that heat will not accumulate, usually used in long horizontal wiring or vertical communication between floors, but always aware To good ventilation and avoiding heat, you can save lives by becoming smart.
LSZH is a halogen-free material, non-toxic, good flame retardancy but poor mechanical properties. PVC is a halogen-containing (chlorine) material, which is flammable and produces pungent and harmful gases when burned, but has good mechanical properties.