Manufacturing solutions during COVID-19

2021-05-18 09:48 admin
As the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped every aspect of our lives, it is essential to take a moment to reflect on the situation we are in during this difficult time. We at Olink Manufacturing Solutions want to pay tribute to those struggling at the forefront of this disease, including doctors, nurses, hospital staff, medical researchers, and many others who work hard to get us through this pandemic every day.
At Olink, we attach great importance to our work. As an important business that assembles electronic products necessary for many technologies that make modern life possible, we quickly made adjustments. We made changes required to ensure the safety of employees and product movement, and there was no one-day shutdown during this pandemic. In addition to implementing strict daily disinfection procedures and routine cleaning tasks in day-to-day work, our team members must wear masks and maintain social distance when working in adjacent places.
We want to assure our customers that we will remain open and eager to support your business with outstanding electronic manufacturing solutions in all the turmoil.
Facing all the challenges in the world, we at Olink have been moving forward. As an important business of electronics manufacturing, if there is no professional and capable team dealing with the creation and assembly of wire harnesses, wire and cable extrusion, connector and socket components, precision metal stamping, wire harnesses and cable assemblies are the core of many modern innovations, then we The operation will be impossible.
For more than ten years, our customers have always regarded Olink as a reliable solution provider for electronics manufacturing and assembly, and this pandemic has not changed this. We are proud to contribute to the success of our customers with the consistency, expertise, and quality you expect from our team.